Biblical Justice

Objective: The purpose of this course is to inform and equip students with a biblical view of justice towards current social and cultural issues.
Overview: This is an eight-week course that will focus on learning and discussing current social issues. The class will explore the history & connection of minorities with politics. It will also focus on not just surfacing issues, but how to heal them as the Church. Using a blend of biblical truths, historical events, and prophetic insights this class presents the student with a holistic approach towards learning about between biblical justice.

Christian Foundations

Objective: This course helps students establish and build a strong foundation by exploring core doctrinal beliefs of Christianity.
Overview: During this course, students will be empowered to explore the core beliefs of their Chrsitian faith. This class will discuss key theolgoical pillars such as salvation, sanctification, and Holy Spirit. Students will learn through both teaching and discussion, as they are led to establish and stand firm on their own faith.

Discipleship 102

Objective: This class is designed to equip students with practical tools that help them make disciples.
Overview: This is an 8 week course in which students will have both theory and practice on making disciples. We will focus on the topics of Finding POP, Using and knowing the Shema, Learning to lead with Invitation and Challenge and Multiplication. We will use practical examples and learning styles each week.