The Ascent ONLINE is discipleship at a distance. If you are full-time in the marketplace, at home with children, or live on the other side of the world, this program is for you. The Ascent ONLINE combines classroom learning and discipleship into weekly virtual touch points. Engage with an online community in video calls, forum engagement, and social interaction. Just because we aren't together, that doesn't mean that we can't be together. Though less intense, the Ascent ONLINE follows much of the same classroom plan of the immersive Ascent program and you will have opportunity to engage with students at the Ascent.

The Ascent Online


Year One

Ascend the Mountain


Year Two

Ascend the Mountain
Completion of Year One Online required

Weekly Schedule

8-15 hours/weekly

3x LIVE video classes weekly
Daily reading assignments
Weekly reading assignments
Engagement in online discussion groups

Online Program

Year Two details coming soon!



In Hebrew, the word shema means to listen, but there was not a separate word that meant "to obey". When God asks His people to listen (shema), He is asking them to listen and obey. If you are not obeying, you have not listened.

You will meet with your Shema group weekly through a video chat to process what God is saying to you and how you are responding to Him.

The Story

1 video class, weekly (LIVE)

Daily pre-recorded teaching videos

Daily reading assigments

Interact with students and teachers in an online forum

The Bible is our curriculum. This class follows a daily reading plan with a weekly video call for discussion. We will look at the scripture through the lens of story with the understanding that we are part of the very same story today!


1 video class, weekly (LIVE)

Rhema is a Greek word meaing "utterance". It is a spoken word. The Rhema Word of God is that which is spoken for now. The weekly Rhema class will cover topics that the Lord is highlighting to us from week to week.

Book Studies

1 video class, weekly (Prerecorded)

Weekly reading assignments

Interact with students and teachers in an online forum

Book Study classes meet weekly, reading and discussing extra-Biblical books that have been influential to the leadership of the Ascent.